Our Guarantee


The iQGB UK Guarantee and Promise

iQGB UK always aim to give you the very best in quality service and care. Our team are totally dedicated to this, and we offer all of our partners and customers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to take the risk away thereby easing any concerns you might have for choosing us and ensuring you receive a first class service that is second to none. We want to continue to improve and never rest on our laurels so have created….

*The iQGB UK Guarantee and Promise*

If in the highly unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied with our service to our customers, please tell us so we can put it right.

Not only will we replace it for FREE but we will also credit you with 10% off your next purchase!

We have complete confidence in our ability to delight you which is why we offer this 100% Guarantee.


We promise we are not like other websites who offer a guarantee but don’t back it up, we deal like we like to be dealt with.

  • We will never rush you so you feel that we can’t be bothered with your problem, just because it suits us!
  • We will always listen to your needs & give the very best advice we are trained to give;
  • We will stand by our unique guarantee;
  • We will always share our success with YOU, our client and customer, by continuing to offer you the very best, high-quality service and quinine discount offers on all our top quality branded products

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